Monday, June 2, 2008

Turn Off Your Radio

Due it now, it’s turning your brain into mush and making your ears cry (yes, ears have tear ducts). Ditch the traffic, weather, “natural male enhancement” commercials and let your ears feast (yes, ears have mouths) on the majesty of Radio Three Sixty. I might be confused about basic anatomy, but fuck it, Radio Three Sixty gives me auralgasm. Radio Three Sixty is a music podcast. No commercials, no bullshit, just amazing music from a wide variety of genres you would never find on your own. Want to discover new music? Radio Three Sixty. People are over and you’re too lazy to make a playlist? Radio Three Sixty. Have ears? Radio Three Sixty. Go to iTunes, subscribe, and have a better life.

Too many episodes to choose from? Here are some of my favorites:

1. Radio Three Sixty Part Forty Two
2. Radio Three Sixty Part Seventeen
3. Radio Three Sixty Part Sixteen
4. Radio Three Sixty Part Thirty Eight
5. Radio Three Sixty Part Thirty Seven

- Stas

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