Sunday, June 8, 2008

I R Hypocrite?

As I just finished up my Hollywood crap post, I had one of those "wait a minute..." moments. One of those moments in which you're engaging in some activity, feeling good about it, and then you realize something that makes you question what you're doing on a very fundamental level. I imagine Bush et al. could use a few more of those moments.

I just finished a post that spends part of its length lamenting the attention span of the average American, only to then pander to that same ADD inclination by trying to keep it short and funny. OH NOES, cognitive dissonance haz me!

On the one hand, we're trying to cater to a smarter, more patient demographic. On the other hand, everybody likes to be entertained.

Not sure how to reconcile that. Well, ya can't please 'em all.

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