Tuesday, June 3, 2008

German Fairytales Are Creepy

If I wore a monocle and sipped wine with my pinky extended, I would call The Princess and The Warrior a film. Since I prefer beer and vodka, I’ll just stick to calling this one of the most amazing movies I’ve ever seen. Yes it’s in German, yes it’s slow paced, but if you watch this movie and you’re not moved then you’re either in cardiac arrest or have a Bud Light instead of a heart. And no, slack-jawed, dead-eyed neophyte, Bud is not beer but bottled piss water. More to the point, what are you doing reading this blog, don’t you have some inbred, gap-toothed kids to pop out?

Anyways, The Princess and The Warrior comes to us from writer/director Tom Tykwer the man behind Run Lola Run. Unlike the fast-paced Run Lola Run, The Princess and The Warrior is a carefully paced, beautiful, and frequently disturbing.

This is Sissi (Franka Potente, you might remember her from the Borne Identity movies). She’s a nurse at the loony bin.

This is Bodo (
Benno F├╝rmann), he’s sad, angry, and pretty. He also saves someone’s life for funsies.

This is Steini (
Lars Rudolph) starring at Sissi. He’s crazy AND creepy.

If that didn’t get you interested, here are some more spoiler-free tidbits. There’s a bank robbery, a police chase, murder, attempted suicide, breathtaking cinematography, and a love story buried inside this movie. All this and the movie leaves you feeling glowing on the inside

Amazing story, depth, and some truly twisted stuff, there’s something for everyone. How can you go wrong?

- Stas

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