Monday, July 28, 2008

Go Do Stuff!!

The best things in life are free.

My friend Kate and I excitedly went to Glow last weekend. Glow, in short, was THE free cultural event of Santa Monica.

Quoteth KCRW:
A collection of international artists will transform the iconic Southern California spot into a premier art destination from dusk until dawn, with a dazzling array of effervescent sights, sounds and interactive activities.

GLOW is the ONLY event to have ever received permission to use the historic Santa Monica Pier and beach as an all-night venue and more than 25,000 people are expected to attend.
I'm not the type of person who can sit and appreciate any one piece of art for more than a couple minutes; I'm too caught up in my ADD sociality. But, that being said, THIS IS COOL:

The event itself was spectacular. The art was beautiful and very stimulating, but for me what made the night were the people! The sense of the event I had going into it could be summed up in a word: RAVE. All elements -- the presence of live DJ's, the end time (7am), even the name Glow -- created the expectation that ecstasy children would be bouncing around hugging everybody. So when I got there, what really floored and excited me was the sheer variety of the people! There were ravers, families, old couples, hippies, hobos, yuppies, puppies, artists, bar-hoppers, and me! Such a broad cross-section of local residents came together to share fun and positive energy... I've never felt so connected to my city.

Whether you live in the sprawling metropolis of my Los Angeles or a small farming community, there exists a glorious buffet of cultural events for you to sample. The price of admission to this buffet is only your motivation:
-Open the oft-overlooked culture/calender section of your local newspaper
-Google "(your city name) calender"

Glow was the most fun night I've had in recent memory, and it cost me almost nothing. I left committed to taking fuller advantage of local cultural events, no matter where I end up.

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